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Rumored Reason for Batman's Presence in "Suicide Squad"

Everyone's seen pix of "Suicide Squad" filming on location in Toronto. Pix included Batman standing on top of a speeding Jokermobile with the Joker and Harley Quinn inside. Ben Affleck, who is the current Batman in the Warner Bros/DC Comics film franchise was caught on set reasons unknown -- (possibly) until now.

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  • Batman breaks in a maxium security prison to pay Amada Waller (Viola Davis) a visit. He steps out from the shadows to speak with her.

  • He doesn't approve of the idea behind Suicide Squad: a squad consisting of supervillians taking on high-risked missions for the United States government in turn for lighter prison sentences.

  • He warns Waller than he will hold her personally responsible for any of the deaths the occur of innocent civilians by said supervillans.


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