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Because there are like 5 of us that still care about this messy show and these dumb girls: PLL post!

  • The “A” storyline will finally end at the season 6A finale, and then they're having the 5 years time jump.

  • The show was originally supposed to end after season 5, but because of the ratings and how popular it is in social media they gave them two more seasons.

  • Marlene pretty much admitted that they had to make stuff up because of those extra seasons.

  • Troian says that maybe not everyone will like the finale, but that it's normal with a mystery show, and that it already happened to Twin Peaks and Lost in the past.

  • Marlene didn't know who “A” was going to be after Mona, but then she came up with the whole Charles story and people liked it so she kept it. (surejan.gif)

  • Apparently we're finally getting answers this season, and the finale will make us cry for some reason.

  • Time has moved so slowly on the series that Dougherty estimated it’s still 2010 in Rosewood.

  • Troian lost her mind when they torn down Spencer's bedroom.

  • Shay says that the show has been the best years of her life.

  • ABC Family hasn't confirmed if season 7 will be the last one or not, so they haven't dismissed the idea of continuing the show with other actors once the original girls leave.

  • The podcast is really long, but you get to hear queen Troian Bellisario for almost 2 hours, so you won't regret it.

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Tags: podcasts, pretty little liars (freeform), shay mitchell, spoilers

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