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Mindy Kaling says Getting Female Friends is Hard, Discusses TMP

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Yesterday, during Book Con, Mindy Kaling sat down with BJ Novak to discuss her new book Why Not Me? and here are some of the things she discussed.

  • On the hashtags she would use to discuss her new book: #Blessed, #WhitePeopleProblems, #BlackPeopleProblems, #ThatGlamBookLife, #Family, #Heartache, #GrowingUp, #SecondComingofAge

  • On female friendships: “It’s so much harder to find a woman you want to be great friends with than find a man to sleep with. Everyone comes to LA with a drive to be successful, so we don’t get to have that too often.”

  • Her current friendships + hopes for TMP and Mindy as a character: It’s so funny. My favorite people in LA I’ve met are also really successful people. One of them is Lena Dunham! These are people personally who I adore and before I can ask them to be on my show, they have their own! Nothing would make me happier than finding a great and worthy and funny person to sit across from and talk about my problems with.

wasn't a main problem with TMP the fact that she erased female characters in place of guys for Mindy to fuck around with, or am I getting it wrong? she talks more about female friendships @ banned source buzzfeed if anyone is interested in that.

do you love your female friendships, ONTD?

more at the source
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