Kaliciagate Fan-fiction + TGW casts a WOC who will probably play an angry and over-the-top villain.

-A source tells In Touch that Archie "allegedly treated the crew like her personal employees."
-Apparently she is abusive in nature, and once "slammed a door in Julianna Marguliar's face."
-Everyone on set apparently despised her, and she has been referred to as the "diva from hell".

What's interesting about this story is that it contradicts what her co-stars Christine Baranski and Aretha Franklin Matt Czuchry have said about working with Archie. But then again, this is based on sources from In Touch Weekly ∴ Bullshit.

Shortly after this, Archie responded to this "story" via twitter:

This story isn't "new", but I haven't seen a post about in on ontd, or any discussions about this. But British actress Cush Jumbo will be joining "The Good Wife" next season.

-She will be appearing in the beginning of the season
-This will be her American TV debut
-Details of her character are not available at the moment, but judging on the roles that black women (and the guy who plays Matan) have played on the show, it wouldn't be surprising if she plays an a jealous/resentful woman who acts as an obstacle to Alicia's goals. This is a reference to an old blog post covering the racial bias on The Good Wife between seasons 1-3, which still hold true today.

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