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ICONIC Music Video "Scream" by Janet & MJ Turns 20 This Week!


Janet and Michael were competitive about the vocals, with Janet deciding to record hers in a different city after watching him record his first.

Janet's Runaway was recorded around the same time and was initially meant as a duet before they decided on "Scream".

Even though the single leaked 13 days early, it became the first song in history to enter the Billboard Hot 100 Top 5 chart.

Often titled the most expensive music video ever made, Jackson's label originally lost their shit over the price but the director clapped back that it was necessary for the size of the sets and lack of time to create within 7 weeks.

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One of the BEST dance breaks in a video. And minus some aesthetics about the outside of the spaceship, it's ridiculous how well the special effects were made for 1995.  It also influenced the wave of space-themed vids we got in the late 90's/early 00's.
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