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Taylor Swift's censorship squad forces web users to erase content that portrays her negatively

In a thread on ATRL, members shared their stories of their run-ins with the Taylor Nation (@taylornation13) Twitter account, which is the official Twitter account for TaylorSwift.com and Taylor Connect. Originally, the Taylor Nation Twitter account would DM users asking them to delete unreleased leaked content, such as links to her 1989 album or screenshots of her Style video.

Here is an example of the Taylor Nation Twitter account messaging a fan and admonishing them for threatening to leak music from 1989:

In this screencap, Taylor Nation is asking a fan to delete a Tweet that they find objectionable:

Taylor Nation has even targeted members on ATRL, even going as far as to stalk them to find out more details about their internet use and life. As one user notes, they were forced to remove screencaps that leaked of Taylor Swift's then-unreleased "Style" music video.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When asked for proof, the user posted the following screencap, adding that they wouldn't post anymore screencaps, as one girl actually got in trouble for sharing her correspondences with Taylor Nation online.

The deletion requests are starting to get weirder. In this fairly recent example, Taylor Nation asked a Taylor Swift fan to delete a Tweet that featured a picture of Kendrick Lamar wearing socks and sandals:

Despite Taylor Nation trying to shut down the ATRL thread (confirmed by a mod in the below screencap), it is still currently up.

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