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Pitch Perfect 2 is racist, homophobic, fatphobic trash - but you won't hear that from the reviews.

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Pitch Perfect 2 opened yesterday with 36 million dollars, and counting, effectively kicking Mad Max out of its number one spot. It currently holds a 68% vote on Rotten Tomatoes, a 66% on Metacritic, and a 7.4/10 in IMDb.

Quick Google searches about the reviews only highlight the cheesy jokes, how much better the first one was because it was "fresh" and "no one ever asked for a second one", but barely no one mentions (except a few sources) just how gross some of these jokes are.
Below, some excerpts about the "funny" jokes, and how Pitch Perfect 2 really is a mess instead of the feminist masterpiece people hold it out to be.

On Fat Amy:
Additionally, Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy’s humor stems completely from her being overweight and buffoonish. I doubt making the obese girl the class clown is really the way to breakdown body biases.

Fat Amy’s weight is still — still! — offered up for laughs; when she finally gets a big, romantic kiss, she and the lucky guy basically lick each other from ear to ear. Sure, it’s a comedy and it’s only a joke, but would a movie-ending kiss between Anna Kendrick and Skylar Astin look like that?

On the new Guatemalan character:
For example, we’re expected to find it hilarious that people south of the border might get diarrhea because of the poor water quality! Another new group member, a Guatemalan immigrant, is a transparent equal opportunity excuse to tell those indolent jokes, and given nothing to do beyond simply being in the frame.

Our commentators, Banks and John Michael Higgins, aren’t supposed to be paragons of political correctness, but unfortunately the world competition gives them the platform to crack bigoted one-liners about people from all over the globe that are all about as mediocre as hoping a Latina girl should “backflip right over the fence into Mexico.”

On the girls:
What’s baffling here for a film directed by a woman, Elizabeth Banks, and written by a woman (Cannon), is that each female character is reduced to a single stereotype. The Asian girl speaks very quietly. The black, semi-butch lesbian can hardly control her sexual urges. As for the Guatemalan lass, she sees her future as being deported after she graduates and then drowning when she tries to smuggle herself back on a boat. Told in a deadpan manner, this is supposed to be very funny.

M E S S. I'm glad I'm not seeing this. There's some other articles from banned sources which talk about Ester Dean's character being a homophobic mess/the stereotype of her being the creepy lesbian is upped in this film. And also some joke about the Indian group in the competition going back to "steal American jobs".
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sources: 1, 2, 3
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