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Scream Queen Neve Campbell Talks About 'Scream' TV Show

Neve Campbell answered a few questions for Scream fans at a screening of Scream at the Alamo Drafthouse during her appearance at last week's Texas Frightmare Weekend.

Neve Campbell reunited with Scream co-star Skeet Ulrich (Neve and Skeet also reunited with Rachel True, of The Craft, which was filmed 20 years ago this year) last weekend for Texas Frightmare Weekend. The decision of attending the convention comes after Scream Queen veterans, Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver, made their first appearances at past horror conventions. Malcolm Mcdowell, Neve's co-star in 2003's The Company, persuaded Neve to attend the convention.

After the Alamo Drafthouse screening she talked about the impact of Scream and her character, Sidney Prescott. One of the questions asked pertained to MTV's upcoming Scream tv show.

Neve admitted she's unsure about the future of the original Scream series. She has not paid much attention to the production of the tv series, given she's raising a 2 year old. She even asked the audience if the show already premiered.

"I'm very curious to see what happens. I think MTV is the perfect place for it. It's going to be interesting to see... you get to see a completely new cast... I'm not sure how far they'll go with it, but we'll see," she said.

When asked if she would do a cameo, she said there was talk of it, but she would have to watch the show first before making a decision. "If it's good, I'll do it," she said playfully, almost jokingly.

She will make another appearance with Skeet at Monster-Mania Con 31 (July 31-August 2 in Cherry Hill, NJ).

More of the Q & A at the Youtube source.
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