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Meet your Big Brother UK 2015 cast - who was evicted on the premiere?

One housemate was instantly evicted on the premiere of Big Brother: Timebomb

Simon Gross (Evicted during the premiere during a twist)
Calls himself "Mr. Showbiz".

Aaron Frew
Gay Calvin Klein model and personal shopper.

Adjoa Mensah
Pastor’s daughter, lesbian and law student.

Amy and Sally Broadbent
Glamourous socialite twins.

Chloe Wilburn
Salt of the earth Yorkshire lass.

Cristian MJC aka Matthew Clarkson
Model/rapper/singer/athlete/medical student.

Danny Wisker
Demolition man.

Eileen Daly
Toe-sucking, bisexual, breast-biting love goddess who stars in vampire sex movies.

Harriet Jackson
Cockney café girl, hates immigrants, voted UKIP in the election.

Jack McDermott
Fast food manager, calls himself "Pie Face".

Jade-Martina Lynch
Feisty polyamorous spiritual model, thinks Catholic church is a cult.

Joel Williams
Conservative Christian activist, wannabe Prime Minister.

Kieran McLeod
Former professional basketball player and restauranteur.

Nick Henderson
Eccentric rich kid, expelled from two schools, no qualifications.

Sarah Greenwood
Law student, calls herself a "stuck up bitch".

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