Comedian Moshe Kasher Wants You to Pay His Rent!

Earlier today, comedian Moshe Kasher posted his GoFundMe link on Twitter to help pay his rent.

On the GoFundMe page, Moshe explains that he doen't NEED the help to pay his rent-- he'd just rather not pay it himself.

"About a year ago, I moved into a larger house and my rent went up by a factor of nearly double. At the time I felt that that would be ok, as my income had gone up enough to be able to afford my rent. I was right. My income has only increased since then and each month I am easily able to make my rent payment
HOWEVER, I do not want to pay . It seems frivolous for me to spend my own money again and again, each month, essentially shoveling money into an incinerator for "shelter" when I can turn to the kindness and support of my friends, family and most especially, my FANS, to help me pay my rent.

This is why I am turning to all of you. I am asking, humbly, my heart in my hands, for you to contribute whatever you can to my June rent payment. Anything you can give would be so hugely appreciated. I keep wanting to use the phrase, "I need your help" but it's important to me to be honest. I don't need your help at all; I simply want your money to be spent in place of my own".

The reactions to this have been mixed, but Moshe has already recieved support from fellow comedians in the business:

ONTD, what GoFundMe page would you start for youself? One for your student loans?