Meghan Trainor is a drunk-dialer who likes to take Uber rides, and she absolutely loves to eat pizza is reporting that Meghan Trainor always drunk dials her friends. "Oh, I do it all the time - whenever I party I love to text or call a bunch of people and wake 'em up," gushed the "All About That Bass" chart-topper.

Meghan continued, describing a recent drunk-dial: "A few weeks ago I asked my friend, 'Why would you even let me have my cellphone when I'm drinking?'" At least we can all be assured that Meghan is not a drunk driver. She mentioned that she always like to take Uber rides, as she is a down-to-earth girl: "I get Uber cabs everywhere - I haven't got a subway in New York forever. I still fly regular airplanes, does that count? I'm not fancy with the private jets - I just fly regular."

When Meghan isn't drunk-dialing her friends, she's trying to smuggle pizza! Talking about eating pizza behind her tour manager's back, Meghan said, "I told him I did not get a pizza when I definitely did get pizza. That was yesterday. It's bad for my throat. So sorry about that."


Are you a drunk-dialer?