Did Britney Spears play up her ankle injury because of low demand for her show during fight weekend?

Britney Spears had to cancel her Vegas shows this past weekend due to an ankle injury that occurred during her 4/29 performance, but now there are rumors flying around that she might be playing up her injury. Over the weekend, Britney was photographed playing football on the beach with her sons in Malibu, and she was not wearing her ankle brace.

Britney's injury coincides with news that Las Vegas hotel room prices for the fight weekend plummeted throughout the week, as many hotels thought that demand for the fight weekend was going to be much higher than what it actually turned out being. The Las Vegas Review-Journal interviewed's business development manager, who said that many people were avoiding Vegas during the weekend of the fight because the only way people would be able to watch the fight would be at an MGM Resorts-owned property. She said, “Having exclusivity to pay-per-view rights is almost hurting the city as a whole."