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Queen ☆Jennifer Lawrence's☆ salary ~drama~ tests Sony

  • Jennifer, along with Marvel's Chris #3 (Pratt) are in talks to star in Passengers, a space drama/romance. The guy who did The Imitation Game is supposed to direct.

  • When Amazing Amy Pascal was still in charge,  Sony agreed that Jennifer would be paid $20 million to star

  • Chris Pratt was to get $10 million, and the director $3 million

  • Now that Amy isn't in charge anymore, the new guy Jason Rothman and Sony don't wanna pay her that much because they're afraid it won't do well (original story/not a franchise, etc)

  • Jennifer and her team are holding firm to the $20 million check or she'll walk away.

  • One of the producers, Neal Moritz, says Sony has no reason to balk: "You've got the two biggest stars in the world. We're making the movie at a reasonable cost. It's a great script. It's all good."

  • Sony could still just pull the plug on it all

rme @ it being a ~drama~ when it's a female actor vs. a male. where was the drama when johnny depp got paid huge amounts to star in flop after flop?
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