Britney on Iggy: I think she's Australian? + Pretty Girls #1 in 35 countries so far

Britney did a couple of radio interviews with Kiss Fm's Ryan Seacrest and z100's Elvis Duran. Listen below under the cut.

She didn't shade Iggy if you're familiar with Britney's awkward interview style but it was funny nonetheless:

Summary: Britney chats with z100's Elvis Duran about Iggy, how working together came about, making the video, Vegas, and being a good tipper at restaurants.

Summary: Talks Pretty Girls, Iggy, her ankle (she tore ligaments!), does she get comped free meals in vegas? Confirms extension for another 100 shows, so far she's done 88.

Pretty Girls has hit #1 in update: 35 countries so far and is top 10 in 53 countries world wide. Looks like a smash in the making

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Pretty Girls is now on Spotify for those that stream music. No Tidal

Listen here: