The Best & Worst Depictions of Abortion in Film & TV

The Worst

Knocked Up

Two people have a one-night stand which results in an unplanned pregancy. Despite the fact that the two main characters are incompatible, the movie dances around the subject and the main characters never even consider getting an abortion. (Do they even discuss it?)

The Walking Dead

Lori finds herself pregnant during the zombie apocalypse and attempts to abort by taking the morning after pill several weeks after conception only to throw them up after deciding she can't go through with it. This spreads misinformation, as the morning after pill must be taken within 5 days, and it plays into the narrative that women are incapable of thinking it through before arriving at the decision.

The Best

Obvious Child

Abortion is a central part of the narrative in this movie. It finds humor in the situation without diminishing the seriousness of the decision to get an abortion. Several of the characters share similar experiences, highlighting how common abortion is.

Jane the Virgin

This show has tackled the subject of abortion more than once and each time with a seriousness not normally seen in media. It is treated as a normal part of women's lives rather than a taboo subject or a life-ending decision.