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An ONTD Original: 10 Marvel Characters That Could Help With The MCU'S DIVERSITY PROBLEM

As previously postedMarvel Cinematic Universe has a diversity problem , but that doesn't mean it's too late for Feige to spotlight some amazing diverse character that he should bring to masses to consume.

This would both help establish newer comic characters and/or giving older background characters the chance to finally shine. It is also important that those of us that are fans and/or want more diversity at Marvel(Even DC), that we actually BUY these comics and show that we support these characters and WANT them to have a bigger roles in the comics/movies and TV shows.

(Here's the list in no particular order)

Kamala Khan (A.K.A. Ms. Marvel)

Kamala is an Inhuman with shapeshifting abilities. Her current run as Ms. Marvel is absolutely the BEST Marvel Now! book and she will also be featured in the All-New All-Different Avengers. Mavel is most certainly pushing this character to the forefront with lots of crossover issues and we are LOVING every minute of it.

Her solo book is absolutely my favorite and she most certainly has a following that would love to see her on the big screen AND on the small screen with a Netflix series also dedicated to her...... Basically she has a lot of us greedy fans lol.

Monica Rambeau (Currently A.K.A. Spectrum)

Monica Rambeau has been known as Pulsar, Photon, CAPTAIN MARVEL, and now Spectrum unless that's changed recently.

She's been around for a while but imo hasn't gotten the love or respect that she deserves. Currently in The Mighty Avengers/Captain America & the Mighty Avengers and also as the guest side-kick in Captain Marvel (Issues 7 & 8 of the '12-'13 run) I think with the RIGHT director/writer, Monica could become a BIGGER presence in all of Marvel. Bonus that her power-set would be visually interesting if done right.

Adam Bernard Brashear (A.K.A. Blue Marvel)

Blue Marvel is a character that is featured in The Mighty Avengers. He has a ton of abilities including healing which could come in handy with all that shooting going on *cough* He's a genius engineer and physicists which means he could gel well with nerds Banner and Stark.

Jessica Drew(A.K.A. Spider-Woman)

C'mon, like how is she not already on the team? I understand not having the rights to the Spider title but she's also gone by Arachne, or you could just go by her name without having their names mentioned (a la Wanda and Pietro). I don't believe Sony have the rights to this character, otherwise there wouldn't have been a mystery to their female-led film.

Jessica currently has her own solo series which I'm enjoying. She's Carol's best friend but I think she's too important to be a supporting character in Carol's film. Though an introduction wouldn't be unwelcome for the character.

Ava Ayala (A.K.A. White Tiger)

Ava's featured in that god awful Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon but don't hold that against her. She's been in Avengers Academy, New Avengers and The Mighty Avengers. I enjoyed her AA run and I think they did a solid introduction to her character with her unique backstory.

She hasn't quite got the push from Marvel as other characters have, however, with a proper director and or Netflix series(she was apart of the Heroes For Hire), I think this could propel Ava to a household name.

Sam Alexander (A.K.A. Nova)

Controversial choice here, given the backlash this character has endured. It has taken awhile for Sam to gain some fans as Marvel did the previous Nova (Richard Rider) completely wrong. However, given some time, some of us have grown to like him. I would definitely suggest ignoring his presence in Ultimate Spider-Man(cartoon) as he's very off putting. His solo run isn't terrible and has had some really good moments but he's certainly no Nova Prime.

Maybe with a decent writer who doesn't hate Nova*glares at James Gunn*, he could be the KNOWN Nova to non-comic readers. Let's hope Marvel doesn't pull the same move they did to Richard and kill him off just as he's hitting his prime.

Nico Minoru (A.K.A. Sister Grimm)

To put it mildly, Nico has a huge fanbase. If you haven't read The Runaways already then you most certainly should.. And if you already have, you should be reading it again.

Nico's claim to fame is The Runaways, but she's also been in The Avengers Arena, Avengers Undercover and The A Force. Honestly, we just want a Runaways movie or netflix series and Nico certainly reigns supreme. She's definitely getting love from Marvel recently so hopefully that's an indication for more to come.

Jennifer Takeda (A.K.A. Hazmat)

Hazmat is awesome. She made 90% of Avengers Academy worth the read. She was also in Avengers Arena and Avengers Undercover. She has an interesting enough backstory and power-set that could definitely work on the Avengers team.

Avengers Academy and Arena are definitely spotlights for this character. Making the big screen could put her in a more visible position in the big comics.

Jennifer Walters (A.K.A She-Hulk)

She-Hulk is a huge presence in the Marvel comics. It makes very little sense that she isn't heavily featured in THE MCU already. Her own solo series is absolutely hilarious and most definitely worth every penny.

I believe Banner not having a solo film is the hold up on Jennifer which I find ridiculous. I personally would be ecstatic if Jennifer was introduced and Banner blasts off to space to never be seen again.... Especially if AoU is any indication of the projection of his character.

Spider-Man/Woman (Miles Moralas, Miguel O'Hara , Gwen Stacy)

Although I'm using Miles' picture, Miguel and Gwen each are huge draws in comics. I'd argue Miguel and Gwen are more popular but I have a soft spot for Miles and think he's equally awesome enough to solo a Spidey film. And honestly all three of them are significantly better than Peter.

The issue here is rights to the characters. We know Sony has the rights to Gwen and the Spider title... but that amazing costume of hers might be off limits to them and it's so badass it just needs to be in the film. So can the MCU introduce a non-spidy Miles or Miguel to their line-up and what would be their titles??? Who knows? Let's just hope Sony sells those rights ASAP, so we have one or all three of these heroes on our big screens.

*Note: Silk was purposely left out as she's the Britta Perry of the spidey-verse*

For more information on these character's:
Kamala's Wiki Bio - Monica's Wiki Bio - Adam's Wiki Bio - Jessica's Wiki Bio - Ava's Wiki Bio - Sam's Wiki Bio - Nico's Wiki Bio - Hazmat's Wiki Bio - Jennifer's Wiki Bio - Miles' Wiki - Miguel's Wiki - Gwen's wiki
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