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Mary Kay Letourneau and her husband/victim speak out.

Last night ABC aired the Mary Kay Letourneau interview with Barbara Walters.

Follow up to this post

  • Mary is 53 and her husband/victim is 31. They will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year. They have two daughers who are both older than Vili was when he became their father.

  • They wanted to the do the interview to clear things up and let everyone know how happy they are.

  • Vili dropped out of high school to raise his kids and admitted that he experienced depression and suicidal ideation in the years after their affair began. He saw psychiatrists but didn't like taking medication so he stopped. He feels that the system failed him and left him isolated.

  • Mary Kay says Vili was not faithful while she was in jail.

  • They live in the same school district in Seattle that Mary Kay worked in while she was Vili's teacher. Mary did not want to leave the area. They both claim that their daughters have never been bullied.

  • Mary has 4 other children from her first marriage. She claims that they are all very close and supportive of her relationship. Vili thinks its weird being a stepfather to people the same age as him.

  • Mary Kay is still on the sex offender list but wants to go back to teaching since it was her passion. She is petitioning to have her name removed. She works as a legal assistant, and teaches piano lessons.

  • While her daughter was in a children's hospital, Mary Kay was not allowed to visit because she is a sex offender.

  • Vili works at Home Depot and is a DJ at night. He goes by the name DJ Headline and wants to eventually become a producer.

  • They basically never told their kids about how their relationship began and the girls figured it out by rumors around town and looking it up on the internet.

  • Vili says he does not want the girls to have boyfriends at all, and would never support a relationship between them and someone much older.

“A relationship could lead to something that you think you wanted back then. You don't really want it, maybe, years later.” “I don't support younger kids being married or having a relationship with someone older,” Vili said. “I don't support it.”

Did you guys watch? What did you think? Should MK be taken off the sex offender list?

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