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Charlie Cox is Aware of My Thirst.

  • They link to this post of mine.

  • Refrence our comments about Marvel shaving Charlie's chest.

  • Directly quotes morgan90 comment under my thread about me being mad that they made Charlie shave his chest.

  • morgan90's comment says "We need to #EXPOSE Kevin Feige's anti-body hair agenda."

  • Charlie's response: “I’m part of that group!” he yells in surprise when we inform him of the movement. “I had no idea!” Then he ponders the question and actually offers up a serious answer. “Look,” he explains, “that was a creative choice. And a painful one.” In the comics, Cox points out, Matt is perfectly smooth. “These panels are so iconic. And obviously, you want to mix things up a little bit...but at the same time some of them are so iconic that you really have to adhere to them. And I think that that was a battle I lost.”

  • Elden Hensen talks about Charlie's nice ass.

  • He talks about gaining 15 pounds of muscle for the role.

  • Had no idea who Rosario was supposed to be playing during their first scene together and thought she was supposed to be Elektra.

Source: ET's Twitter

How are you liking the series so far, ONTD?
Brought to you by Stan Lee's "cameo" in Daredevil.

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