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ONTD Original: Astrology Post! Tayvin &Twigbert. The Capricorn OTP takeover.

BY POPULAR DEMAND (or those like 6 users who asked), here is the long-awaited (OK, like 2 weeks long awaited) post on how Solar Capricorn's Calvin Harris and FKA Twigs stole the hearts of their superstar lovers (Is Rob still a superstar? Idek)!!!

In my original post about Taylor Swift, I advised that a good match for her would be a Pisces with a fire moon… For months, we have waited on edge to see who she will step out with next. There have been many possible contenders: The obnoxious guy from that band, that other guy that only hardcore stans ever know who he is, and there were even jokes about the Blank Space video guy…. You know, basically any guy Taylor is ever seen with- So imagine our surprise, when she steps out with DJ/Producer Calvin Harris! They were spotted canoodling at Kenny Chesney, matching at a mall, and then cupcaking at Haim (Hiam?) a couple nights later. Laps were sat on. Hands were held. Bad fashion choices were made all around. Let’s see, with the information we have, if the stars think that Tayvin (I really need a better ship name you guys) can be a(n) OTP?

Since Calvin’s time of birth is unknown (or not made up by rabid fans yet)… I don’t have all the information I need for a solid reading, but I’ve guesstimated his rising sign as either Scorpio or Aquarius. He seems to mostly rub ONTD the wrong way, which happens most often with Scorpio & Aquarius risings. However, the high percentage of those who hate him but still want to fuck him makes me lean towards Scorpio, as well as how there is a lot of suspicion regarding his intentions and no one would be surprised if this was a power-couple power-play for PR either. Typically Aquarius risings are disliked for being too try hard in an unfiltered kind of way (think Xtina & JLaw) so, the fact that his intentions are not seen well for the most part really pulls me towards Scorpio. However, with an Aquarius rising, that would put his Scorpio planets: Mars, Saturn, & Pluto, in his 10th house where they would seen the best in a public forum and it would also give off that suspicious asshole vibe. Just an educated guess though, since I can’t verify anything and I'm not actually familiar with him enough to confidently pick one, I’ll just leave risings out.

When you’re looking at love you have to look at Venus & Mars, and theirs are matched really well! Taylor’s Venus is in Aquarius and Calvin’s is in Sagittarius. These signs have some very fundamental things in common; they both value independence & freedom, they both like to be into weird and unusual shit, and neither of them are eager in love and feel better in casual situations. Venus in Aquarius is extremely friendship oriented and wants to exist as part of a group, so it’s much more likely to like what it’s friends like and puts a lot of focus on it's place amongst the group, which doesn’t always go over well in relationships, especially when male ego gets involved. Calvin’s Venus in Sag won’t mind that, per say, but Sagittarius is a fire sign so it’s still ego-based and may see Taylor’s Venus in Aquarius as disingenuous. Since Taylor’s sun is unaspected in Sagittarius, she still has that ego-based Sagittarius energy, very strongly on display, that will probably ease out a lot of the issues his Venus in Sagittarius would have in the fire/air concern mismatches it encounters.

Now, they both have Mars in Scorpio. I wanted to be polite last time when discussing this position for Swift, but I’m gonna take the gloves off now because this position, true to Scorpio form, will be the most epic rise or most gloriously juicy fall of this coulda, shoulda, woulda, power couple. Mars is our warrior. It’s concerned only with our wants, needs, and ambitions, and how to achieve and defend them. It’s in a strong position in Scorpio, which churns emotional pain into power and keeps it’s motives and knowledge under lock and key. The thing with this position is that it will require a very delicate balance of power on both of their parts. Mars in Scorpio is more than happy to keep your secrets, ride or die, and move right along, as long as it’s purpose is served. Once it feels betrayed, you’ve lost before you knew you were at war. Mars in Scorpio 1) isn’t afraid to go down to take you down and 2) will give a really goddamn convincing game to throw you under the bus and not go down. This is a dangerous position for lovers to share because it can quickly become a game of who hits bottom first. Scorpio is competitive, and so is Mars, so they’re going to enjoy an element of emotional stakes game-playing and that never ends well once it starts. The best way to end it will have to be amicably, where they both decide the war isn’t worth starting.

Let’s not forget that the real reason we compare Mars in lover’s charts is because Mars rules over our sexual energy and well… we all know the rumors about Scorpio… But the freaks-in-the-sheets reputation of Scorpio is really misunderstood. At it’s very foundation, Scorpio wants to be able to 100% share their emotional security with another person and rules over everything taboo, dark, and other-worldly. So, while a little of it IS kink, what it really is for Scorpio is trusting someone so entirely and feeling so intensely connected to someone that you would do anything. This is a position that is turned on by chemistry- that spark you experience with someone in the spiritual (water) realm that can’t be explained by any of the other realms; you can’t explain why (air), it isn’t tangible (Earth), and it’s not something you created (fire). Mars in Scorpio will appreciate the challenge of luring someone in and seducing them, but you gotta be careful because this position is definitely noted for being jealous, paranoid, and territorial.

The strongest part of their synastry is that they share another water planet in common- the moon in its rulership of Cancer. With both of them having the same Mars in Scorpio trine the same Moon in Cancer, basically, anything physical will be connected to their feelings- mutually. Now deciding which one comes first- sex or feelings, just depends on too many variables and I don’t know their life like that- but be guaranteed that when one shows up, the other will closely follow. The Moon in Cancer will also help dissuade Mars in Scorpio from causing too much damnation because Lunar Cancer’s emotional security is tied closely to their financial security which can suffer a lot with the right (or, wrong I should say) break-up. While Cancer's aren't a sign that get particularly butthurt over what society at large thinks of them, the moon is very easily hurt on a personal level, and that's when it's trine to Mars in Scorpio becomes dangerous because one bad mood swing from the moon and it teams up with Mars to seek and destroy.

They both also share Mercury in Capricorn as well, and Calvin has his Sun in Capricorn. Mercury isn't just about how we communicate information to others, but how we communicate it to ourselves as well, so with Mercury in Cap in both their charts, they will share the same inner thought process as well as outer communication so there really shouldn't be any issues understanding the other. The issue will be more based around Mercury's placement in Capricorn making it more argumentative and authoritative... where they might be used to saying the final word and having that word be the rule- neither will back down as easily as others do to them. While rational minded and willing to listen, things can still get ugly with Mercury in Capricorn because they're really eager to be right. Taylor has more "give in" planets than Calvin, but they're also the more innovative planets, so while she may give in, she's also much more likely to just find a fun, new way to win anyways!

I'm actually pretty ashamed to say this may be Taylor's best match yet! With Mercury, the Moon, and Mars all in the same sign for both of them, it allows for a clear understanding in those planet’s areas. They communicate the same through Mercury, they feel the same through the moon, & they fuck the same through Mars. Ultimately though, I feel like Calvin isn't going to be fun or goofy enough (I really wish I had his rising sign though like damn...) and might stifle some of Taylor's effervescence. Another thing to consider is that this could be a relationship of butting-ego's. Capricorn men, specifically, have a real thirst for power and control that, while it can be appreciated in a "wants what is best" kind of way, with Taylor's Sun in Sag, they won't always see eye to eye about what that "best" way is... And while Sag is consistently chill and doesn't mind going with the flow, you can never forget that Sag is still a fire sign, which are all ego-based, so you're a part of their journey, not the other way around.

In my original post- where we played make believe and looked at an R. Pattz, KStew, Katy Perry love triangle, I credited Rob as being a loyal and nurturing lover looking for someone who can have a little fun! And now it looks like Mr. Pattinson found himself a new lady love in the vibrant music artist "Formerly Known As" Twigs... but has he found his Mrs. Right? Let's consult the stars and see where they stand.

Without any doubts, Twigs Sun in Capricorn and Rob's Sun in Taurus will be a great Earthy match, however, it would appear that the good synastry ends there. Rob's other planets make him more of a serious soul, while Twigs is more independent and free-spirited. Yet, they seem very happy and completely in love, so can it really last?

The biggest factor here is that Rob- a loyal Taurus with an even more loyal moon and rising in Cancer, has a HUGE blind spot for those he loves- yet, with his Venus in Gemini, it lightens him up in love quite a bit, making him less possessive than Taurus would be, and more open to letting his lover have her own life. Another benefit that Rob has from Venus in Gemini is that is makes him much more sociable when he actually has to suck it up and leave the house- one of those "I don't want to go even though I know I'll have fun when I get there" positions. With Twig's Moon & Mars in Sagittarius, and her Venus on an Aquarius/Pisces cusp, she will definitely bring that sense of fun & wonderment that Rob's Venus in Gemini is looking for with it's ability to channel some of that airy Aquarian personality; but more importantly, in the first degree of Pisces, it can also take on the emotional role in love and will be more flexible in adapting to it's lovers needs giving Rob's Moon in Cancer that emotional connection it really craves.

However, unlike his previous high-profile relationship (who also had Venus in Pisces)- Twig's Sun in Capricorn is going to give him a much better feeling of security and trust. Her inner planets, all want to be seen as creative innovators with true artistry but that Sun in Cap is going to present itself as a savvy business woman with control over it's image and zero fear of hard work. Rob has his Mars in Capricorn, his strongest placement, and it will really appreciate and respect the dedicated nature of her Solar Capricorn output. This position is definitely one of motivation for him as well because his Mars will feel a little like it has a “work-out buddy” and will appreciate that she can get serious when it is time to take care of business, and that she will keep a respect to one’s image in mind. Solar Capricorns are probably the most social of all the Earth signs, and a cardinal sign so it’s always looking for it’s new thing, which is good, because she will seek out a lot of social opportunities, with help from her adventurous inner planets that Sun in Capricorn can oblige with, and Rob will follow.

Since we’re talking Mars, let's hypothesize about their sex life. Mars in Sagittarius is a bundle of stamina and discovery- down to try anything most things once; Rob's Mars in Capricorn is more of a traditional lover who needs to feel secure with someone, but in true Capricorn nature, Mars won't give up on the cause so no one gets to leave bed without completing the mission. HOWEVER, Taurus, despite it's seemingly conservative nature, is actually one of the freakiest energies in the sack! Taurus rules over our physical senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste- and they want every sense to be indulged- if it sounds good, looks good, feels good, and/or tastes good, then they really can't get enough, which is probably what makes them so kinky in bed. However, it won't be the re-enactment of 50 Shades of Grey every night because her Piscean Venus and his Cancerian Moon will both want to have trysts that involve a lot of emotional connection as well- not that you can't have the kink AND the vanilla, because you can, and if anyone has figured out how, I'd put it on these two. (Am I getting way too personal?)

My main area of concern is in their moons, hers in Sag and his in Cancer. These two signs, again, have very little in common other than they both benefit from creative streaks which are expressed very differently. Since the moon rules over our fundamental needs for security, they will both have very different ideas of what they want in order to feel emotionally secure and nurtured. The Moon in Sagittarius needs to feel free to explore itself, it's surroundings, and while it's not against commitment, again, remember that you’re on their journey. I think this one is on Rob, because the Moon in Cancer is very sensitive to it’s surroundings and the moon in Sagittarius is very optimistic, sometimes too much, and is much more able to pick itself up and carry on and find a new way to do things than Rob’s Moon, and I think he really loves that. Cancer and Sag are both emotional signs, but Cancer is water so it’s closer to the melancholy emotions, and Sag is fire, so it’s more about anger and joy- the extroverted emotions. Rob is much more prone to getting beat up by stuff, and sulking, but Twigs will really pick him up and help him dust himself off and get the next move going. As long as he doesn’t make a habit out of raining on the parade- but that’s where Venus in Gemini is really helpful because it will work with a happy Cancer placement, it’s when the planet in Cancer is sad that Venus is over it and goes full drama queen.

Another area they will find they need to work on is communication. Their communication styles are very different with Rob's Mercury in Taurus and Twig's Mercury in Aquarius. As the matter of fact, they couldn't be more different! Taurus is the eternal traditionalist and Aquarius is the rebellious liberal, but the main difference in these two signs is how Mercury processes the information it gets. Rob needs to work with tangible facts and solid plans, his Mercury does not do well without structure and routine, and neither does his sun. Twig's Mercury in Aquarius basically wants to think about things and communicate things in the exact opposite way. Twig's Mercury is much more conceptual and doesn't mind changing the game plan or doing something innovative that has no guarantee for success, and it communicates abstractly which will drive Rob's Mercury up the damn wall. All Rob wants is a straight answer, and all Twig's has is gray-area answers. Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs that aren't likely to change their minds and will be BRUTALLY honest, so I definitely think there will be some head butting and miscommunications between these two.

I wish I knew Twigs rising. I feel like it could be either Cancer or Taurus, both signs that will be motivated by self-expression, but also low-key and private. Either position, but especially Cancer, would be amazing for their compatibility. However, I also wouldn't be surprised if she had a Gemini rising, as she seems to be very mercurial and a little offbeat with her image, in that lane of Gaga & Rih Gemini Rising's. Overall, I think they can really work- mostly because Rob is a big ole loyal & cuddly bullcrab who will stick it out for love and as long as he doesn't stifle her, then she will appreciate his big heart and perseverance. Mostly, I think he just likes straightforward women who are capable of running their own life, and in this case, I think he's found someone who is ambitious, fun to be around, that makes him feel good about himself.

Source for celeb birth charts
My astrology tumblr

ONTD, do you think Tayvin or Twigbert stand a chance?
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