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Debbie Gibson hung out with Pricess Diana and Michael Jackson!?!? YESSSS!!!

In a new interview with SiriusXM host Jenny Hutt, Debbie Gibson reveals that she met some HUGE names throught her career! Even some royalty!!!!

Debbie says, "Princess Diana was amazing. I met her, I was in my rippedJean shorts and my bandana because I was performing Electric Youth at the Prince’s Trust. And because I was going first I didn’t have time to put on a gown. And I said “Omg I am glad to meet you and so sorry I am dressed like this…” And she said “You look a heck of a lot more comfortable than I am!” So she was like so cool and down to earth and that was amazing!"

She also hung with Michael Jackson! She says, "When I met him he was like “I was just watching your Disney special last night.” And I’m like Michael Jackson is sitting home watching ME on TV?!!!! So that was amazing."

Audio of the interview and Debbie's thoughts on Miley and Madonna at THE SOURCE!
Tags: madonna, michael jackson / jackson family, miley cyrus, royalty / royal family
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