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New demo for Titanic: Honor and Glory lets you explore the famous ship

Are you ready to go back to Titanic? Four Funnels Entertainment is the team behind Titanic: Honor and Glory, an in-development PC game that seeks to recreate the famous ship as authentically as possible. The project has been in the works for many years and the team has finally released an early free walkthrough demo, allowing players to explore a small section of the ship.

The demo can be downloaded here, at the official Titanic: Honor and Glory website.

This is an early demo that allows players to explore a few areas of the ship, including a section of the Grand Staircase, the First Class Reception Room, the Turkish Bath, and the Third Class Dining Room. The demo is currently for PC users only, but a Mac demo is in the works. The recommend specs for the best play can be found at the download link, and the graphics settings can be lowered in the demo settings.
Demo Walkthrough

Teaser Trailer

Demo screenshots:

View: Looking up from the bottom of the grand staircase (source)

View: Elevators ('out of service' for the demo) (source)

View: A small detail--a glimpse of the artificial lighting used to backlight the reception room windows (source)

View: F Deck Hallway (source)

View: Detail from the Grand Staircase (source)

View: First Class Reception Room (source)

View: Detail from the Turkish Baths (source)
More info about the project:

  • The developers are currently running a fundraising campaign for Phase 3 of the project.

  • The game will have two modes: Story Mode (which ends in the sinking) and Free Roam Mode (players can explore the ship at their leisure).

  • The game's developers believe they have made a new discovery about the ship during their research for the game, regarding the design of the bulkhead between the First Class Reception Room and First Class Dining Room. (Watch a video of their findings!)

  • Consultants for the project include Titanic historians, authors, illustrators and several people who have been to the wreck site; especially notable is famous illustrator Ken Marschall, whose detailed paintings of the ship have been reproduced in books, documentaries and other media around the world.

  • The release date is projected to be 2017.

[source: information from the official website, write-up is my own]

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