Britney rehearsing for the Pretty Girls MV + Caught in the midst of an Apple/Samsung incident!

Britney uploaded this rehearsal pic on insta with the cheeky caption "aren't these girls pretty ;)" which can only mean that the music video for the upcoming Pretty Girls single is shooting pretty soon!

 photo tumblr_miuw8oWkrP1r3ty02o1_500.gif

Also, Britney -being the bad bitch that she is- has been caught in the midst of an international technology incident! So the story goes down like this: back in 2002 Britney was involved with the Texas-based company Smartflash and now its investor is claiming that the company's patents have been infringed upon by Apple's iTunes and Samsung's MediaHub respectively. However Samsung has already won a court ruling which stated that those patents should have never been granted in the first place. Additionally, in a surprising move, Samsung has also come to Apple's defense in an attempt to save it from a $533 million lawsuit from Smartflash inventor Patrick Racz, who claims Britney’s involvement. So basically Britney is basically the only person on Earth that can make Samsung and Apple work together #whenwillyourfaves.

And because this is an informative post, here is a commercial featuring Britney for the service in question.