Naughty Boy Blasts Louis Tomlinson; OP rolls her eyes.

Shots fired! Naughty Boy is at it again, this time calling Louis out in a brand new interview. He claims Louis ‘deliberately’ provoked him on Twitter which created more stress for Zayn following his departure from One Direction!

Naughty Boy, 30, wants the world to know that he has his mate Zayn Malik‘s back (by doing an interview and talking about him when he wants privacy. that's real love ♥) — but he totally bashed Zayn’s ex band mate Louis Tomlinson, 23, to get his point across! Find out exactly what Naughty Boy said about Louis — major diss alert!

“There seems to be some needless provoking going on. [Louis] was deliberately adding to the provoking. I don’t think that’s fair. Especially on Zayn, that’s not fair,”Naughty Boy told Heat mag.

“Right now, there needs to be calm. He could have said that to me privately. Doing it openly is another act of provocation that’s not needed.”

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is he serious?