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Keanu Reeves reflects on his Hollywood career, promotes John Wick in the UK

  • The interview starts with Keanu Reeve's studying 'Hamlet' on the set of 1993's Speed

  • At the time, his career was sky-rocketing, but he didn't feel excited to be labeled a '90s action hero'

  • Keanu reflects on being offered a part in Speed 2. He felt that if he did the sequel, he wouldn't come back up: "You guys will send me to the bottom of the ocean and I will not make it back up again. I really felt like I was fighting for my life."

  • He declined Speed 2 despite the $12M paycheck and went to Winnepeg, Canada to play Hamlet

  • He was blacklisted from Fox as a result until 2008 when he returned to film  'The Day the Earth Stood Still'

  • Some interesting facts are that the directors of John Wick are martial artists themselves. One of them, Chad Stahelski, served as Keanu's body double in Point Break and The Matrix

  • The directors (Stahelski and David Leitch) became involved with John Wick after Keanu sent them the script for it

  • Keanu says that John Wick's sadness drew him to the film

“For me, it was John’s grief that made it personal,” says Reeves. “It was strong enough to make him want to unearth his past. I thought of it not as revenge but as reclaiming.”

  • The interviewer tries to bring up sadness in Keanu's personal life (being abandoned by his father, River Phoenix dying, his fiance's miscarriage and death), but he doesn't take the bait, referencing the kung fu movies he watched as a kid as another pull to film John Wick


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