Vaginal Cream Davis (teen_rex) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Vaginal Cream Davis

Azealia Banks Talks To White Publication About Wanting To "F--- The President"

Not too long ago Azealia Banks was trashing Kendrick Lamar for his Billboard cover story because he talked to a "white publication" about how black people need to respect themselves. Banks now has her own cover story with the white publication and she talked to them about why she chose to do Playboy, a magazine mostly read by white men.

Gotta click through to the source for direct quotes, but Banks' interview is full of the usual attention-seeking stuff.  She also talks about how she doesn't take advice from anyone (we've noticed), sleeps with her bodyguards (didn't know she had any), and how Barack Obama's large ears and big white teeth make her want to fuck him (sigh).

These types of interviews definitely distract from her music, but they are also getting her attention and making more people aware of her music, hmm...

Read more @ the
Tags: azealia banks, barack obama / michelle obama, black celebrities

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