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RHOBH Reunion Part 1 Recap!


It’s here! After many teases of the dramatics to come, the explosive Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion has finally begun! And, quelle surprise, the first part of RHOBH’s reunion brought the drama. In the March 31 installment alone, Housewives accused each other of being bitches, anorexics, liars, and attention whores — among other things — as they discussed topics ranging from Brandi Glanville’s alcohol use, the Richards sisters’ feud, and the Amsterdam joke slap.

full recap @ the source

-kim and kyle haven't spoken for three months and kim told kyle she's kind of happy the way things are lol, i kinda felt bad for kyle in that moment idk it was pretty awkward
-lisa rinna made at least a million dollars to star in an ad for adult diapers
-yolanda only stayed for a little bit and she was v classy as always, you could tell she was really struggling to keep up towards the end tho
-the rest of the episode was pretty much brandi (and to a lesser extent kim) vs. everyone.
-brandi replies to any genuine criticism with nasty remarks and it continues to be messy yet entertaining
-lisa v tried to slut shame brandi in an effort to put her down and it was gross
-andy makes a pretty on point analogy about the slap, comparing it to playing with your dog, and brandi goes off on him lmao
-i was dying when brandi called kyle a "fucking cunt" and then happily repeated it when asked what she said lmao
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