But what do the critics think? Some reviews of Zayn's demo.

Naughty Boy might've posted the demo (which is no longer on soundcloud but can be heard here) to get back at Louis/1D fans last night, but now people are running with it as Zayn's first single and here's what they think. Additionally, magazines now apparently think Louis and Naughty Boy were feuding because of the song, and not the original retweet that started the fiasco even though the song was released hours after the Louis' tweets.

The Telegraph thinks the song is memorable and dropping the demo on soundcloud was a good idea because it reinvents Zayn as an up and coming artist who doesn't want to be a popstar. Somehow it also distances Zayn from the R&B label he had while in the band. (?) It also reminds them of James Bay, Tom Odell, Jamie XX, Ed Sheeran and Dev Hynes.

Billboard finds it heartfelt and affecting, and says even though it's incomplete his vulnerability sounds well earned.

Daily Beast says the demo shows off Zayn's vocals and proves that he's the best singer in One Direction.

Vanity Fair claims the sound is a great departure from One Direction's usual style and thinks it shows the "real Zayn".

Pop Crush describes it as etheral and says it lets Zayn's tone and range shine. It is also an impressive true look into what Zayn can do.

Vulture calls it a "schmaltzy acoustic love song"

Additionally, after all that passive aggressiveness toward One Direction and their fans on twitter, Naughty Boy would like you to know:

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