Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander: "I'm #gay and I'm singing about my boyfriends"

The 24-year-old performer spoke to The Downtowner about the band’s phenomenal success over the past six months (they were named Sound of 2015 by the BBC, and went straight in at number one with recent single ‘King’),how the band was formed and his knack for writing songs about dysfunctional relationships.

“That comes from experience, you know,” says Alexander. “I just have had a lot of dysfunctional relationships. I’ve really gone from one to another to another. I’ve been stuck in a cycle of being addicted to rejection in some fucked up way and always choosing someone who is going to reject me.

“But I’m in a less dysfunctional relationship now(Rumored to be Clean Bandiet's violist Milan Neil Amin-Smith) .I’d say it’s relatively functional.”

When asked if he’s going to come out in a big interview like Sam Smith did last year, Alexander says questions about his sexuality have “only been a thing recently”.

“I’ve done a few interview and been like ‘I’m gay and I’m singing about my boyfriends.’ I guess for a lot of people you need to say something before they’re really accepting of it.”


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