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Kristen Stewart, Alicia Cargile Are 'Like A Married Couple'

Are Kristen Stewart and girlfriend Alicia Cargile married? The answer maybe a big NO for now but that does not stop them from acting like a real married couple.

An insider also gushed that Kristen is happy that she could be who really is when she's around Cargile. "With Alicia, Kristen does not have a façade," the insider said. "Very few people can actually get to know the real Kristen and that is how she likes it. But when Kristen is with Alicia, there are no walls around her. She not only acts like herself, but she is also incredibly genuine because Alicia brings out the best in her." the insider added, "Kristen is finally in a relationship where she is just loved unconditionally, but not because she is a movie star."

As for her previous romance with Pattinson, the 24-year-old actress now thinks that RPatz is just an afterthought.
"As far as Robert Pattinson goes, that is just a joke," a source said. "Kristen could care less what he does, who he is with, or where he lives. Kristen will never stop being who she is for her ex. That is done. Done."

More pics at the sources!

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