World's Hottest Math Teacher?

  • In January 2014, a friend of my friend discovered his lecturer was working as a fashion model.

  • Said model/lecturer is Pietro Boselli, 26 and is from Italy. He was discovered by Giorgio Armani at the age of six.

  • He has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and was teaching a mechanical engineering class at University College London. According to his Instagram, he is addicted to training.

  • It's a year late and now other gossip blogs are reporting this for idk whatever reason. Pietro is trending on Twitter and as expected, thirst is exposed. Better late than never i guess idk i'll just let the pics do the talking.

That moment when you realised your maths lecturer is one of the top designer model 󾌯 #OnlyatUCL #UCLengineering...

Posted by Arief Azli on Thursday, January 30, 2014


ontd, do/did u have a hot math teacher?

also, some of you might recognize him from this video:

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