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Better Late Than Never: Musketeers Series Finale Roundup

Hopefully all 10 of us on ONTD who watch the show are still around. Because of the stupid delays between the US and the UK over the last few weeks, it seemed fitting to wait until everyone had had time to watch this before posting. Hopefully the BBC have gotten the message that putting a drama series on Friday nights is a terrible idea, and that in general by 2016 we should be able to just air shows on the same day around the world, rather than staggering them and losing viewers to illegal downloads.

Anyway, with that rant over, Den of Geek share their thoughts on the finale and you can read them with my interjections below.
DoG call the finale a success for the most part, most notably in the way that it avoided certain plotting cliches (like leaving Constance's fate until the final moments of the episode), and that the lovely Marc Warren really wound up topping Capaldi's Richlieu by the end of this series. I would also like to remind viewers that Marc Warren is the lead from the worst episode of Doctor Who ever made, Love and Monsters. Look how far he's come.

Series 2 of The Musketeers was a bit odd, in the sense that at the start everyone was worried that the show had shed its silly likeability in favor of a more serious tone that didn't suit it. By the end, it seems to be getting nothing but praise for that seriousness. Instead, I would just argue that the plots got better as the episodes went on, because you can't deny those first three episodes were rough. All the same, the show does need a bit more of its goofiness back, and as much as I love the romance side of things (or, really, just Milady/Athos), the back half of this year was almost over-saturated with it.

On Milady, DoG and I are both upset that she didn't have much to do after saving Aramis. But I'll go a step further and say that having her lay all of her cards on the table and beg Athos to run away with her was a little too OOC. I know they've spent their time tearing down her walls, but I don't see how one Nancy Drew secret bookshelf kiss means that she's "cured." Also, boo at the continued lack of sex. In fact, the way that they capped off this series in general felt rushed -- with Aramis walking off into the sunset (how close is that Monestary, given that the three guys are gallopping after him at the end?) before D'Artagnan's wedding (rude), Milady taking off the next day after everything goes down (a bit weird), and then Athos trying to ditch the wedding mid-ceremony after giving away the bride (rude, and also... are they ever going to explain how he and Constance know each other?). I feel like this episode could've comfortably added an extra hour to wrap these things up properly, instead of making all of these characters seem like strangely inconsiderate dicks. But maybe they're just  bored by Constagnan, too.

Finally, poor old Porthos. In the grand tradition of this show, his plan made no sense, and they never explain how Treville & the Gang know exactly where to find him when he lures Vargas to the right place. But whatever, it was a fun scene and Constance was awesome, etc. I do hope that they give Howard Charles some better stuff next year, though. The teasing out of his Dad plot got painful at times, and I'm not sure the payoff was worth it. Also he needs a woman.

There's more at DoG if you're interested. Or you can just scroll down and comment.

So how did you like it, ONTD? Will we see Milady next year? Bets on S3 villain?
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