Amber Rose Is On To Something — Why The F–k Are Girls Still Calling Each Other Sluts?

On the latest episode of MTV's webseries "Braless," host Laci Green discusses slut-shaming, and the Amber Rose/Khloe Kardashian feud.

Cliff notes:

  • Slut-shame is mostly hurled at women BY women. She uses the Amber vs Khloe twitter battle as an example.

  • Slut is defined as "an immoral destitute woman" or a "dirty, slovenly woman." The term represents something much broader than a woman who likes to have sex. And because it describes an "other," meaning something you don't want to identify with, it is easier for women to throw the word around.

  • According to Dr. Kathryn Stamoulis in a Psychology Today article, "One of the easiest ways a girl can represent herself as a 'good girl' is by labeling someone else's sexuality as 'bad'"

  • Amber Rose's instagram is proof of her fight against slut-shaming

  • Many of the people who slut shame are a lot like the girls they're trying to slut shame

  • Studies have shown that promiscious women do not trust or even accept other promiscious women

  • She quotes Tina Fey's character in Mean Girls saying that women should stop calling each other sluts if they want men to stop.

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