Common's Plan to End Racism

Starts around 3:30

"We all know that there has been some bad history in our country and we know that racism exists. I'm like saying hey y'all I'm extending a hand and I'm hoping...that we can get past this. If we've been bullied. We've been beat down and we don't want it anymore. We are not extending a fist and we are not saying you did us wrong. It's more like, hey I'm extending my hand in love. Lets forget about the past as much as we can and lets move from where we are now. How can we help each other? Can you try to help us because we are going to try to help ourselves, too...I'm not sitting there like 'white people y'all did us wrong.' I mean we know that that existed. I don't need to keep bringing that up. It's like being in a relationship and continue to bring up the person's issues. Now I'm saying 'Hey, I love you. Let's move past this. Come on baby lets get past this.'""