'Why not get paid': Plus-sized dominatrix details 'lurid encounter with Michael Phelps


Plus-sized dominatrix Kim Petro says she was paid a "donation" of $900 to have a wild night with Michael Phelps
She claims that he's into cross-dressing and water sports (hahaha)
Phelps contacted her in Feburary 2013 after viewing an ad on Myspace
He used an alias 'Fabian Marasciullo,' who happens to be a friend of his friend Lil Wayne
Re: the waterworks, he requested that she drink water before leaving for the hotel, so Kim knew what was coming next. She claimed that she already had the use the restroom, so she may as well get paid for it
She pissed on him as he lay on the hotel bed wearing skimpy women's underwear


Any kinks y'all want to share?