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ONTD Original: Yes, i know ya'll hate Glee, so here's a recap of the Best Moments

*Totally copying Sailor Moon's ONTD:originals.*

10. Santana speaks her truth to Kurt.

Right after Kurt tells Santana and Brittany that they shouldn't get engaged Santana says what most people wanted to say to Kurt since the pilot.

9. Chandelier.

Most people gave up on the show by Season 6, missing what could've been a great gang if they had been introduced since the beginning. Glee could be ridiculous yet entertaining, the final sectionals of the show and Chandelier proves that with Myron as Maddie Ziegler and Spencer SWINGING FROM THE FUCKING CHANDELIER!!!.

8. The Holy Trinity's first audition.

It's impressive how Brittany and Santana were just mere back-up singers to Quinn and ended up being key characters. 'Say a Little Prayer', back in the goodays was a great delivery of how the Holy Trinity could truly make magic. Not to mention it inspired a SHITLOAD of parodies.

7. Adele Dazeem appears as Rachel's mom.

After the show became a hit, the internet realized how similiar Lea Michelle and Idina Menzel were, a massive online campaign was made and Idina Menzel ended up on Glee as Rachel's mom. Her role was pure bullshit and unnecesary but the internet accomplished something.

6. The Queen *Britney Spears* graces the show with her presence.

The Queen graced this show by dropping on an entire episode devoted to her, even with a few cameos which made ONTD collectively lose their shit.

5. The Troubletones.

It was a spin-off Glee club for the girls and they were ah-mah-zing. You might remember them for their amazing Adele mashup. They reunite in Season 6 for Santana and Brittany's wedding.

4. Kurt's Single Ladies.

The first 13 episodes had amazingly bizarre moments, one of them was when the entire football team danced to single ladies to distract the other team. One of the first few WTF moments Glee ever had.

3. 'The Quarterback'...yeah, the entire episode.

After Cory Monteith's death, Glee reunited the entire team for a tribute to Finn which ended up being one fo the best episodes of the show. It delivered amazing acting, mainly because you knew the actors were grieving the same way as their characters were. From Finn's mom rant about waking up and remembering finn was gone, to PedoWill stealing Finn's jacket and Lea's appearance halfway through the episode, it was one emotional hour.

2. The McKinley Shooting.

Season 4 was a mess, the show tried to deal with NY and Lima stories together, but both were underdeveloped, yet the Gen2 kids delivered probably the most raw episode of Glee when there's a school shooting, there's no music, and there's barely any sound, the kids hide in the choir room and in the toilets and all start to say goodbye to their parents throught their cellphones, it was probably the most real reaction the show has ever given and one of the best episodes, no one appreciated....like the tornado episode from Desperate Housewives.

1. The first time they sing 'Don't Stop Believing'.

Probably the moment from the pilot when we all fell in love with Glee and got hooked for those incredibly first 13 episodes (and got stuck for 6 years).

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ONTD, which was your favorite Glee moment?
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