Madonna Blames Her Son for Dropping the N-word

Pop singer Madonna was criticized for using a racial slur on Instagram last year. At first she didn't want to apologize, but later on she issued a formal apology saying she was "sorry if anyone got offended" by it.

In a recent interview promoting her new album Rebel Heart, Madonna is blaming her own son Rocco for using the racist hashtag:

"It was the one time that I listened to my son. It was his idea. I was like, ‘What caption do you want me to put on it?’ And I did. I wasn’t thinking." Madonna said when asked about the incident

Madonna also defends the use of cultural appropriation:

"Oh, they can kiss my ass. I’m not appropriating anything. I’m inspired and I’m referencing other cultures. That is my right as an artist. They said Elvis Presley stole African-American culture. That’s our job as artists, to turn the world upside down and make everyone feel bewildered and have to rethink everything."