1989 has officially outsold Red and Speak Now + Britney likes 1989

- As of the week ending March 8th, 1989 has sold 4.505 million copies compared to Red's 4.160 million (after 124 weeks) and Speak Now's 4.480 million (228 weeks).

- It's the top selling album of 2014 and 2015, having sold 844,000 copies so far this year.

- 1989 has still to outsell Fearless and her debut self titled, which are at 6.909 and 5.492 million respectively.

A cute quote from the article:
'On show nights, she'll spend an hour getting her hair and makeup done while rocking out to Taylor Swift's 1989 ("It's so much fun -- 'Out of the Woods' is a good one")'

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