Iggy talks about postponed tour

"It is bumped back because I am a psychopath. It's my first arena tour so it's a big undertaking and I'm doing a lot of the creative direction, which I do for everything, all my videos--Trouble that we just talked about I directed--so it's tough when it's your first time working on an arena situation. For me getting together production and we're doing a custom stage and custom build, and this all really boring kind of stuff I guess for people to hear talk about, but when you're building a stage and things like that, you do it about six months in advance. My tour would've been April, we have not started building. That is not six months, that is very tight, and so to get this stage kind of done in time I would be making a lot of sacrifices and cuts and changes and compromises would have to be made to get this thing done in time. So I really considered what do I want to do: keep and honor the tickets and this date for fans but not the show I'd envisioned or kind of promised them, a lesser version of it with maybe not so many people like jumping out of the ceilings and flying all over the place, or do I want to move it and have the absolute best show, the show that I envisioned, and obviously I've chosen to move it."


starts at 2:43 and she keeps rambling for minutes, didn't feel like transcribing the whole video.