Madonna's (Gaga-free) interview on Stern

  • Madonna was sick during interview and was wearing a grill (lol, this bitch)

  • Media backlash over Malawi adoptions crushed her. There was no clear argument on why she shouldn't adopt.

  • Recounts the MTV Like a Virgin performance. Lost shoe, and showed ass to world.

  • Recounts the death of her mother in detail, as well as her father's fast remarriage.

  • Felt like an outsider growing up since her clothes were not as nice as everyone else's. Secluded herself

  • Recounts her legendary arrival in New York, dropped off in Times Square with $35.

  • Recounts first jobs at Dunkin Donuts and the Russian Tea Room.

  • For the first time discusses her rape in more detail. She was too trusting of a stranger who let her use his phone. Did not report the rape.

  • Brooklyn rehearsal for Rebel Hearts tour is underway.

  • While this was already known to fans, Madonna confirms dating TuPac for the first time ever.

  • Feels her best songs are the ones she writes under a few hours, such as Devil Pray.

  • Recounts working with Nile Rogers and not being interested in songs he sent her after the success of Like a Virgin.

  • Her biggest indulgence in life is buying artwork. Her most expensive is a Francis Bacon painting.

  • Warren Beatty requested a song for Dick Tracy which led to Vogue. Confirmed Beatty is an exceptional lover. Refused to say who was the best lover of her life or the love of her life. Dodged all questions pertaining to Sean Penn.

  • Goes into detail of her insecurities with lovers.

  • Confirmed Ghosttown is next single and video shoots next week.

  • Recounts the fall at the Brits. Goes into detail on how the silk ribbon on her neck became a knot. She was lucky to not have a scratch or bruise.

  • Believes our energy goes on after we die.

  • Had never been on Howard before as Howard used to be much more harsh on guests as he was in a bad place in his life.

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