Madonna: Gay rights are way more advanced than women’s rights

In an interview with Out Magazine, Madonna has raised some eyebrows on the subject of gay rights vs. women's rights:

"Gay rights are way more advanced than women’s rights. People are a lot more open-minded to the gay community than they are to women, period.

It’s moved along for the gay community, for the African-American community, but women are still just trading on their ass. To me, the last great frontier is women.

Women are still the most marginalized group. They’re still the group that people won’t let change.

[To be a successful woman] you must fit into this box: You must behave this way, dress this way.

You’re still categorized — you’re still either a virgin or a whore. If you’re a certain age, you’re not allowed to express your sexuality, be single, or date younger men."

On whether or not Joan of Arc was a lesbian:

Why was she gay? Come on!

OK, she dressed like a boy and she cut off her hair. That’s what the church tried to say. Also that the dauphin who supported her, that he was gay

According to historians, the dauphin is the one who supplied her with the army, the cavalry, whatever, to take on England. Did they thank her for that? Of course not. They went, ‘Wait a minute, how could a girl do that? There must be something wrong with her.’