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ONTD Original: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Turns 18


The iconic TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer premiered 18 years ago today. Crazy right? The show lasted 7 seasons and spawned a spin off with Angel, a comic book series, countless toys and merchandise and made Vampires cool again. In celebration of Buffy's 18th birthday, lets take a look at 5 awesome moments from the TV show.

Season 1: Premiere

The premiere episode debuted on March 10, 1997 and it had an opening scene that let you know this was going to be a different kind of genre show. We are introduced to a pretty young high school girl who seems to be in trouble. Spoiler alert, she is the trouble. This shocking moment introduced us to Darla who would become a staple on Buffy and Angel. The original unaired pilot is below.

Buffy: "To make you a vampire they have to suck your blood. And then you have to suck their blood. It's like a whole big sucking thing. Mostly they're just gonna kill you."

Season 2: Angel and Buffy Get It On

Season 2 episodes “Surprise” and “Innocence” are probably the best examples of what the show did best. Debuting as a special 2 night event, "Surprise" left us with a cliffhanger that would guarantee showing up for night 2. After Buffy and Angel give in to their passion, Angel walks out in the rain and seems to be going through something serious. We find out in "Innocence" that Angel has lost his soul after the steamy sex with Buffy and is now going by the name Angelus. He also starts getting really sassy and wearing hot leather pants. This storyline goes on for a long time and has huge implications on the show including the death of Jenny Calendar which was a pretty shocking moment before we had internet spoilers.

Buffy: "Give me time."


Season 4: Hush


The 10th episode of season 4 titled "Hush" was a remarkable episode in many ways. For most shows, they have lost steam by the 4th season. BTVS had one of its best episodes in its 4th season. This stand alone episode had a simple premise, everyone in Sunnydale lost their voices and creepy men were invading the town. This was a great episode for all the characters, allowing them to display humor, fear and surprise all without any words. The slides scene with Giles still remains one of the most hilarious moments of the series.

GILES: "Well i-it could definitely be one of your prophetic dreams or it could just be the eternal mystery that is your brain."




Season 5: The Body

There are few TV episodes that can illicit the same reaction on multiple viewings. This is one of those episodes. The previous episode ends with Buffy walking in her home and discovering her mother Joyce who appears to be unconscious. The episode "The Body" shows the sadness and shock of discovering someone you love has passed away. There was no genre bend, no music, very little sound and the episode was near perfection. SMG did an amazing job in the episode as did the rest of the cast dealing with the shock and sadness of losing someone you love.

Buffy: "We're not supposed to move the body!"


Season 6: Once More With Feeling

The musical episode that we never knew we needed. This is not the best episode of the series but definitely one of the most creative. Using the plot device of singing out secrets and truths, this was the episode that revealed that the Scooby Gang had actually pulled Buffy out of Heaven and not Hell as they originally thought. The catalyst for a lot changes in the second half of the season, "Once More With Feeling" stands out in the series as being one of the more creative and unique episodes.

Buffy: "So, Dawn's in trouble... must be Tuesday."


This is a WhedonVerse FFA. Been trying to narrow this down since yesterday, was hard to pick 5.

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