lena (2morrowww) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

that 5h girl had more celebrities at her bd party than you ever will

Happy Birthday, @camila_cabello!! We all love you so much.
@selenagomez @haileesteinfeld @haimtheband @jaime_king @yelyahwilliams @therealsarahhyland

there is nothing that feels better than love. nothing feels better than being in a room full of genuine, incredible people giving you so much love. thank you to everyone who came last night for making it so special for me!!!! I LOVE 18. @taylorswift @haileesteinfeld @selenagomez @haimtheband @alexanderdeleon @yelyahwilliams @jaime_king

@camila_cabello happy birthday my nugget. #girlsnighttothefullest

hat game strong.

thank you for the best 18th birthday ever @taylorswift :) you are a real life fairy princess for many reasons. you are magical and rare. #2 you sprinkle fairy dust on others and make them feel loved and special and safe. #3 you are also a rare species, you are caring and well meaning and kind without expecting anything in return. #4 you sparkle like a New York skyline. and #5 you love Elf like all fairies should. i wish i could shout from the rooftops how fun last night was for me and how much love i felt. i am so grateful to call someone like you my friend. thank you for bringing everyone together and making last night so special!!!!!!!! PS DISCLAIMER: CHICKEN AND WAFFLES TASTE EVEN BETTER WHEN YOURE 18!!!

we love you, camila.

Another just because they make my heart so happy 💗

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the most out of place person at this party ontd??
Tags: actor / actress, celebrity social media, fifth harmony, hailee steinfeld, paramore / hayley williams, selena gomez, taylor swift
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