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Britney spends time w/ fam + Wishes u a Happy Chinese New Year + Pennsatucky would do Crossroads 2

out to lunch with her boys in LV

Britney wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year

This newly surfaced video seems to have aired on Chinese tv last week for the celebration.

Taryn Manning: I would do Crossroads 2

* can't embed watch video of interview HERE *

The Boomkat singer and OITNB alumni stopped by to promote her new single and was asked about her Crossroads costars. Taryn had some nice words to say about new mama Zoe Saldana before delving into the topic of doing a sequal of the teen cult classic, she said she'd love to do a follow up film.

Speaking of Shonda Rhimes she wrote the script to Crossroads and had a very full circle moment. She tweeted:

pic source / pic source / video source / taryn source / shonda source

what's your chinese zodiac sign?
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