is Zayn!solo happening soon? 🙀

Yoko Boy talked to The Sun and he said some interesting things:

“I can’t deny the fact that we have made music together. That’s music we’ve made for One Direction and also that Zayn is going to feature on my next album. We’re making music and having fun. This is just like a side gig and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it,”

“They all have something to show the world as individuals. They can always come back together and do their thing. I don’t think they will ever split up. I’m hoping Zayn dances in the video for it. He can actually dance, I swear! He does the arms dance and has definitely got rhythm”.

Apparently, he's talking about "One Chance to dance", which was the song they wrote together and supposedly was gonna be in One Direction's album Four.

LMAO, I take it with a grain of salt but hey, I'm HFT.