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ONTD Original: A Spanish actress lied about going to the Oscars, gets busted, her career is a lie.

So, there's this spaniard actress who only had a couple of gigs, her career was going nowhere and she kinda needed something to spice things up, basically she was the spanish Hillary Duff. So she thought she could fake her assistance to the Oscars but they discovered her instagram pic was fake as balls:

The lightning is wrong and there are this weird white borders around her. it's a mess. So this leads people to question what else has she been lying about.... And it's just beautiful.

Turns out her invite to the Oscars was *Queen* Lupita Nyongo's, just cropped:

Now, you guys, this could be a big mix up. Why would she lie about her going to the Oscars when she was also invited last year, unless...LAST YEAR'S ATTENDANCE WAS A BIG FAT LIE TOO! *Notice the bad photoshop*

And that's when shit hits the fan, cause everyone starts questioning everything about her, and turns out, she also lied about being on The Big Bang Theory, she just photoshopped her face onto Summer Glau's body.

Caption reads: Happy to be surrounded by this amazing team!

She even gave details about her role and how she was supposed to be Sheldon's nemesis or some shit. But by now, she's just guest starring everywhere, she's the new Betty White, she even had a role on White Collar because she's BFFs with Matt Bomer...

Caption reads: Always a pleasure to be with u Matt Bomer!. Good morning Spain, he might or might not be Christian Grey, he's still wonderful!

Oh wait, nope... that's just her face on some girl's head.

Bless all those early 2000's people for still being obsessed with 'One Tree Hill' and Floppia Bush, because thanks to them we could ID that she has a massive obsession with Sophia Bush' instagram....that's why she steals every pic she posts.


This is some serious tumblr realness right here.

Wow, so there's anything real about this woman? What has she done? Well, she's mostly known for some dramas she did with Jonny Lee Miller for the BBC....wait, nope, this are big fat lies too!

So wait, that last tweet, that's her agency! i wonder what they have to say about it...nothing, cause it's a fake agency with only 63 followers, a broken link to a web page, and only tweets about Anna Allen.

Brian WilliamsAnna Allen has deleted her Facebook, twitter and instagram accounts and it's a worldwide joke. She's one step away from becoming an ONTDer.

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ONTD, have you ever faked anything on social media?
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