The Chyna Syndrome

Chyna was on Stern on friday, incase you missed it and I thought you'd all like to see what she looked like and what she did. Consider yourself warned...


Former wrestler and current "The Surreal Life" star Chyna Doll came in today like a bull in a "Chyna" shop. She sounded very drunk and Howard said her boob was popping out of her dress from the moment she came in. Immediately, Howard noticed she looked a lot smaller than the last time she was in and wondered if she had stopped working out. Before she would answer, Chyna asked Howard to hold her small dog, Bijou. Howard said he couldn't, so she gave him to Robin instead. Chyna then started to give an odd explanation about why she was so slimmed down, but it didn't make any sense. Howard noticed she had tons of body glitter on and couldn't figure out why. Her boobs were also constantly popping out of her dress so Howard told her just to take it off and do the interview topless. She said she would if Howard would send the dress to some guy in the military for her. Gary said he'd take care of it. Howard said Chyna appeared to be drunk in the studio and had also drank a lot in the first episode of "The Surreal Life" and he hoped everything was ok. She said she just wants to party for now and is sick of being the designated driver.


Chyna started accusing Howard of rubbing a woman's feet named "Melissa Cunningham", who she said was on the show, but who Howard and the staff had never heard of. Then her ex-boyfriend, Sean Waltman, called in because he was embarrassed for Chyna and the way she was acting on-the-air. Sean was the guy who called the cops on Chyna after she hit him on New Year's Day. Chyna spent a few days in jail for that. Chyna claimed Sean hit her first, but Sean denied ever hitting a girl. Sean said he didn't like hearing Chyna act this way, was worried about her and wanted her to get some help. Chyna kept talking over Sean so it was hard for him to get a word in, but she seemed really hurt by the way their relationship ended. She also accused Sean of going behind her back when he released her porno tape; something else Sean denied. Sean then said the reason he wanted Chyna out of his life was because of the way she was acting around his kids. He said she blew pot smoke in his 9-year-old daughter's face and that Chyna's friends were trying to get his young son to take a bong hit. However, Chyna said all that proved was that Sean needed to be a better parent. Chyna rambled about a lot of other things throughout the interview, including how she'd never go back to work for the WWE no matter how much they offered her. Then her brother Toby came in and played the guitar while Chyna sang a cover of Jimmi Hendrix's, "Hey Joe". In Chyna's version, she changed the lyrics to involve everyone in the studio. Howard suggested she go on tour with Courtney Love, but Chyna said Courtney is too unstable right now. Everyone got a pretty good laugh from that line.

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