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HTGAWM Officially Renewed for a Second Season + Katie Findlay talks about the season finale

“If I’m going to go out, I better go out like fucking Mufasa because I was an angel.” —Katie Findlay

  • She knew she was probably going to die at the end of the season since she was cast in the role.

  • Peter Nowalk tried not to kill Rebecca, but it had to happen because of the storyline.

  • She doesn't know yet if she's coming back next season for flashbacks.

  • She would like to come back so maybe people could see how Rebecca really was now that the whole Lila murder thing isn't hanging over her anymore.

  • She wants Bonnie to be Rebecca's killer. (me too)

SpoilerTV / Twitter
Buzzfeed / Twitter

Of course they renewed the show. They would be idiots not to do it. I still have a lot of questions about the finale that need to be answered, tbh.

Tags: how to get away with murder (abc), interview, jesus take the wheel, renewal, spoilers, television - abc

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