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Taylor's EX claims he cheated w/ Gaga

get that money bitch

Meet Taylor Kinney's exgf -Brittany Sackett
She is claiming that Taylor cheated on her with Gaga, which then lead to their breakup

  • They met June 2010 as neighbors

  • Said Taylor told her Gaga and him were just friends

  • She answered a call late at night to hear kissing noises and muffled voices

  • He realized he called her and they then met up and broke it off

  • He also sent her a text apologizing, "you’re an amazing woman I’m so sorry I hurt you"

She says: ‘Taylor was butt dialing me at 2.30 in the morning - whatever he was doing shouldn't have happened while we were in a relationship.
‘In that moment I was super sad, I was pi**ed. I never saw it coming.'
‘My boyfriend was making out with Lady Gaga - it sucked. I felt betrayed, who wouldn’t?’

But now she feels differently:
"It wasn’t fair to me, his lack of honesty. It’s weak-willed when you don’t have the guts to come clean like a normal, honest human being, I think I would have respected that.
I'd like to think he’d do it differently now, I’m sure he’s changed and he’s learned from it. I forgive him.’

Said the last time they ran into eachother was in San Diego and Gaga was with Taylor
"They looked like they'd been partying for a while,' she told Heat magazine at the time.
'Gaga had full make-up, her hair was a total mess and she was smoking a cigarette.
‘I talked briefly with Taylor, but Gaga didn't talk to me at all - it was super-awkward and

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