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Noel Gallagher comes for Beyoncé


When asked about Kanye's protest about artistry re: Beck getting the Grammy the former Oasis singer said:
    "Well, No.1, somebody should buy that boy a dictionary. And he needs to look up the fucking term 'artistry' and then see if it reminds him, in any way, of Beyoncé. If shaking your ass for a living is considered art, then she’s right up there, no? Can I also point out: Beck can play the banjo. The banjo. That makes him a genius.

  "We could boil this down to two separate things. Beck writes all his own music, OK? There you go, the end. You have to employ a fucking team of songwriters and eight producers and nine engineers, or you can sing it, hum it, play it yourself, I don’t know. You decide. I know what side of the fence I’m on."

Noel also talks about Jack White's guacamole recipe scandal:
    "I don’t understand the culture of people poking fun at artists because they’ve got requirements on the rider which probably, speaking from experience, Jack White probably had very little to fucking do with, d’you know what I mean?"


the banjo comment makes me think he was trolling a bit but watch your back, Noel. Beyhive coming for you.
Tags: beyoncé, british celebrities, music / musician (alternative and indie), you in danger

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