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Taylor Swift lowkey hates Style

- So basically Taylor is in the UK for the 2015 BRITS
- She stans for Beyonce at ~0:28 for like a minute: "Well I love Beyonce more than… I mean it’s normal for everyone to love Beyonce but I love her more than that amount, more than the normal amount. I try really hard to not let it get creepy. I just really like... channel it into a joyous admiration and appreciation.
- She's performing Blank Space, not Style. "No it’s not gonna be Style. I’m doing Blank Space. Cause I’ve never done that over here and the UK’s been really nice to that song so I figure we should play it."
- Says she is still growing, has grown an inch in height since 2013 allegedly
- Talks about cutting her hair short which apparently happened at O2 arena
- Only drinks water and Diet Coke in dressing rooms, says her dressing rooms are super boring and un-diva-ish
- Doesn't shade Mariah Carey ("she's only ever been nice when I met her")
- Talks about Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. "Well both of them like to have fun. Well Ed I’ve definitely been at more bars with and Ed always wants everyone to do shots. But Sam knows how to throw a great party, he threw a great post Grammys party. So I’d say it’s going to be the three musketeers."

ONTD, why does Taylor refuse to perform Style? My theories:
- Haylor is painful for her to promote bc Harry totes moved on
- She's doing an experiment where she doesn't promote a song and sees how successful it can be. Blank Space was SUPER promoted, but how far can Style go on its own?

Tags: award show - other, interview, taylor swift

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